Senior citizen suicide

Todays big news a senior senior committed suicide at delhi metro station. Where he was carrying a suicide note in his pocket. He was depressed, annoyed with his life. 

But why i am repeating the headlines today? 

Because that guy is my grandfather, my nanu. 

Yes, he committed suicide. He was depressed and annoyed. My mom always tells me his story, that he was a very strong and respected person in his career. He was very strict and punctual. 

So imagine that how much he was depressed. The only and only reason for his depression is his 2nd wife who brutaully tourched him, both mentally and physically. The reason for this is just money,  Money and money. Thats it. He loved her so much that when she was not healthy, he was so stressed even though he knew how horrible she is. 

This incident happened at 3:20 pm yestersay and me and my sister got this news at 12:30 am today. I was so shocked and didnt know how to react on this. Whenever I close my eyes I start imagining that how he died.  

I really have so much to say. To that women. To my mumma and aunts that why they couldnt detect how he was feeling of their own father. 

But still, please listen everybody please, money is just temporary. It may come and go. But that love a person gives you is permanent. Dont be that inhumane with someone that the other loses his life. Karma is something which goes around, comes around. 

25 thoughts on “Senior citizen suicide

  1. My sincere condolences for your loss. I think the family support and vigilance is crucial in the case of depression to prevent suicides. I like how you have put across this message.

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  2. It is a terrible feeling when we think we could have prevented something like this from happening. It’s even worse when it is in the news and suicide. Don’t let yourself feel guilty. You didnt know. So sorry for your loss.

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