Rape Rape All Around!!

My topic says everything this time. PS. Before reading this blog please remember I am talking about indian scenario only!! Everbody knows what rape is. Rape is a type of sexual assualt usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual preparation carried out against a person without that person’s consent. We all know that […]

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Senior citizen suicide

Todays big news a senior senior committed suicide at delhi metro station. Where he was carrying a suicide note in his pocket. He was depressed, annoyed with his life.  But why i am repeating the headlines today?  Because that guy is my grandfather, my nanu.  Yes, he committed suicide. He was depressed and annoyed. My […]

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Starting from my fantasy  I always wanted a true and honest relationship. Whenever I looked at some couples I was very jealous. I always wanted the”movie wala pyaar” hindi movie’s love story. I always loved that when hero protects his heroine. Sometimes I also cried while watching those kinda movies. So i used to pray […]

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God has made all of us with different characterstics. Some are fair, some are black; some are tall, some are dwarf likewise some are hetrogenous, some are homogeneous.                   I don’t know why people don’t accept god’s creation. These people doesnot include only society but parents too. […]



“Sometimes I feel my whole life has been one big rejection”, MARILYN MONROE. Life’s biggest huddle is REJECTION. It is not easy for someone to handle rejections. Every person have their different unique way to tackle from rejections. Some goes to mental trauma or some handles it positively. There are various types of rejections — […]


When They Call You SLUT..

Have you ever been called as slut? Have you ever been insluted in public? Have you ever been called characterless? Google says,” slut is generally a term for a woman or girl who is considered to have loose #sexual_morals on who is sexually promiscuous” Now a days, calling a girl slut is a trend. Isn’t […]

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Being Ignored..

In Indian culture, usually the first child is considered to be the most responsible, trustable person. He or she is always good in academics. His or her thoughts, opinions, reactions are very much important. The second child is also important but the image of that child is completely different from the first one. He or […]

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Is It Love OR Infatuation..?

What is love? I dont know whether i am right or not but for me love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It is a feeling in which caste, colour, religion, body does not matter…. what matters is the bond between the two.   When i was a teenager i also wanted to have […]

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A girl of nearly 12 years old go through many hormonal changes. Her life, her thinking, her beliefs everything changes. She was just understanding these changes a new change comes in her life which is periods. She have so much questions that she feels very akward to ask to ask like what is periods? How […]